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21 April 2006 @ 08:46 am
AM Dream  
Last night I dreamed that I was telling myself that I had chosen to forget something very important, for the sake of survival. I had chosen voluntary amnesia, rather than be killed by the people whose secret I knew. I was on a dock by an old tramp steamer.

Earlier I saw (and this was certainly in another dimension, because the color was brilliant) the queen from Snow White, only her crown was way beyond beautiful. And I saw her amazons, who were like a Mucha painting. They were in a castle setting up some sort of operation and already there were people come there from the area to complain. I thing this all may have been the thing I wasn't suposed to remember seeing. It was a sort frame by frame review and I had to rewind the whole thing to see it clearly.

I really think this was a third seal "dream" and that my neocortex tried to supress the memory, as it is an odd experience, and was an uncomfortable dream, that could threaten the neocortex's idea of enhanced survival. Sort of discomfort = threatened survival.