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15 May 2006 @ 06:48 am
Dree e e e eam, dreamdreamdree eam  
This morning I dreamed that all the people of the world had divided the planet between the peole who had penises, and the people who didn't, your birth sex didn't matter. If you didn't belong on the penis side of the world you just had what you were born with removed. I lived on the no-penis side (obviously) and knew a person born there who didn't have a penis so much as he was a penis. He was well loved and didn't wish to go over to the other side, and so he was allowed to stay. In sympathy my friends and I organized a penile suport group. Which just goes to show: if dreams are comuncations from spirit the point could be "lighten up!"

I really did dream that. I also dreamed Albert had come back into my life as a stalker, and planned to murder me. When we finally had our showdown he weighted 300 - 400 lbs; but I won and he went to jail and when I saw him again he was barely alive, just a emaciated and contracted child-sized... thing. The jailers said he had lain on his side and stayed there doing nothing, eating nothing for his entire term.

After this I dreamed the people I was with were building a globe on a track in the sky that would travel west so quickly it would always stay on the sunny side of the earth. It was suposed to house criminals and the sun was thought to be a punishment, but the criminals didn't think it was.