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Allijah *Isaacs' girl*
18 April 2006 @ 11:08 am
Apparently the Egyptians of Christ's time were teaching spiritual evolution, and had seven temples which coresponded to the seven seals/chakras, and their unique flows of consciousness. I knew this but can't seem to find many sources. These Theosophy quotes are interesting:

"The Wisdom-Religion, veiled from the masses and often distorted by allegory and myth, had nevertheless its own mystery language. This language had its seven "dialects," so to say, each referring to one of seven mysteries of Nature. Each had its own symbolism, so that Nature could be read either in all its fulness or viewed from one of its aspects. The only country in the world whose adept-sons have the knowledge of all the seven sub-systems is India. In Egypt these keys were lost one by one after the fall of Memphis, due in part to the death of the Great Hierophants before they had time to reveal all to their successors, but mostly to the absence of worthy heirs to the knowledge."

"Some idea of the size of their temples may be had from the fact that the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, if set inside the temple of Karnak, would look like a small ornament in the center of the hall. The blocks in all these great buildings are cemented so closely together that it is impossible to insert the point of a sharp knife between them. There must have been some strange device, or magic unknown to us, which moved the huge blocks weighing from two to fifty tons each to their desired position."

And I did find one article here:

Ahmed Fayed outlines them as...
2)Ko Mombo
3)Luxor or Karnak
4)Tell El Amarna
7)Heliopolis or Alexandria
Dr Miceal Ledwith also talks about this on BTO. He mentions Heliopolis as coresponding to the crown seal, and Karnak with the third, or power seal.

My own thoughts are that some of the temples may have moved over time as cities waxed and waned.
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Allijah *Isaacs' girl*
18 April 2006 @ 06:40 am
I was observing a poet that everyone said was mad, but I thought his poetry was inspired. I remember seeing a road with sets of bumps go off into the distance. The poet was either Greek or Roman, or dressed as one, in a white toga. Two youths were with him, and I think I may have been one of them. I asked: What was the truth of this man? and I was answered: He did eventually go mad, and is kept in an assylum now, but he still writes poetry and is still one of the best poets in the world, only now he writes from the dark places of his disease at times.


Perhaps my poet is one of the famous literati of McLean Hospital, in Massachusetts.
Allijah *Isaacs' girl*
14 April 2006 @ 08:33 am
I recall dreaming that I had multiple selves, and I was the one directing them all. I recall sending one up into the mountains to live and hide, and I called her Hidey, but was distressed that her name and story was very like Heidi. Then there was another i wanted to name Lakshmi, but something was wrong with that too (too much like lucky?).

I also reasoned why the whole everyone swallows spiders in their sleep is false. If people did, then in places where there are poisonous spiders there would be a whole lot more injuries and perhaps deaths from stings in the mouth, but you never hear of that sort of thing.

Obviously in the first one I was observing from the perspective of higher mind.
Allijah *Isaacs' girl*
13 April 2006 @ 05:46 am
Yesterday afternoon I dreamed about a very lovely scrap book/memory book. It was related to the Sweet 16 tv show G. was watching earlier. We were a bit stupefied that anyone could be so shallow and materialistic, and their parent(s) so willing to spend thousands on their "little darlings" ( one girl supposedly spent half a mil of her daddy's money), and that they could be so miserable and bitch at the same time... ? Anyway, the dream made it clear that it was a fulfillment of a soul need, likely on the part of all parties concerned.


This morning I dreamed someone on lost finally beat that "other"-guy to death. Two of the other characters were making out in the same room, either not noticing the murder, or not caring. I had many other dreams, but don't recall them. I think the second one was pointing out that Lost is like a microcosm, and that everyone is acting out their dramas here, pretty oblivious to what is going on around them, but that this is alright in the larger scheme of things.
Allijah *Isaacs' girl*
12 April 2006 @ 05:27 am
Had many strange sexual dreams this afternoon, and then a dream that my daughter had cut her right inner elbow, all the way down to the bone, and then it wasn't just cut it was severed, just above the elbow. She said it had gotten dirty and slid one of her three bones out of the flesh to show me (Eeew). Then I was trying to get an ambulance but I messed up the phone and couldn't get a dial tone back. An African-American woman stopped and helped me with that. When I got through though the 911 operators were on break and though it was a crank call. I had to say over and over that I needed help before they heard me and helped me. It was a very emotional dream, in which I was both panicked and fighting to keep my voice.

The second dream was obviously related to sexuality as well, though both could be saying my two main areas of emotion that I still need to master are fear, especially in the case of failing to handle an emergency well, or responsibilty; and sexual disgust (over the more perverse things I have done/read/responded to.
Allijah *Isaacs' girl*
11 April 2006 @ 06:24 am
...I have started to ask My Spirit "what does this mean" when I am having a repetitive image in my dreams, and getting answered. At this point I don't recall the dream well, but I do recall the answer I received. Yesterday it was that these (manifestations) build up slowly, often unseen and unnoticed, and then just happen, so I shouldn't loose faith or despair. Especially I shouldn't because that tears at the manifestation, often just before it would have started to be seen more, because we are all so afraid of deep changes.

The other one, this morning, told me that the neural pathways I used to hold together more were falling apart, they are "rotting" away from disuse. This is a good thing.

I am watching live Eaglecam on my desktop again today. The mother eagle looks like a bird-buddha this morning, contemplating the shining lake behind her. I still haven't seen the father, but he is radio tagged, so the scientists will likely be protecting the pair somewhat. Like from hunter types and intrusion. This pair is supposed to be one of the most successful breeding pairs in the state.
Allijah *Isaacs' girl*
07 April 2006 @ 07:51 am
Many, many fragments of dreams...

...I was in a chicken barn-type shoppe. There were many things to the right of the checkout that I wanted to look at. I bought three things. One was a kitchen witch, and two were mouse-dolls like the two I have as xmas decorations. I wanted to look all around the display for more, but kept being distracted.

...I found several books pertaining to cats and moved them to be with my other cat books.

...The three of us were going to watch a fireworks display that I had bought tickets for. we were in the car. We couldn't see very well through the trees, but instead of just pulling ahead Tony knew a "shortcut" and insisted on taking that. It involved going up to the echo lake stretch and then driving across the ice to sand beach and then walking up to town. In other words it was just a stupid idea, and I told him so, even yelling at him that he was stupid.

...I was the sister of quintuplets. My real father and mother had had them and Mom had lost them as she was a single mother at the time they were born and couldn't cope. The had been ketp in an institution. Four were like normal four yo, but the fifth was much sicker. With Molly I was one of 7 sisters. (reminds me of the plieides, with dim Merope as 7)
Allijah *Isaacs' girl*
06 April 2006 @ 06:46 am
I was going to high school again. I had gotten there in Lori's truck with kevin and some others. I had too much to carry to my locker in one trip, though it wasn't really too much, it was just that I wouldn't look cool carrying too many books. So I took one bunch to my locker. Then we were up stairs in our dorm room, which was above the stair case on the far right second story. I borrowed Lori's keys and went back to the truck. On my way I had to get out of the building. I flipped up a stair but it looked very grungy and crowded, so I looked some more. Still, I ended up using the crawl space, and as I was getting out I ran into Ted (the guy I had a huge crush on in hs). We had to squeeze by each other, and ended up making out. He went out to the car (it was a car at this point, and mine) with me. He started out tall, as I remember him, but by the end of my dream he was so small I had to carry him, and help him with his math (similar to the way I used to let him cheat of my tests in RL high school). At one point I kissed him and he was swooning in my arms like Scarlet, when Rhet kissed her. I made that association in my dream.

I recall there being some sort of attraction between Kevin and I as well.

Earlier I dreamed I was in a big victorian house, which was mine. I looked out of a room on the second of three stories and saw my dog being picked on by some other dogs, so that he/she climbed up onto the roof outside my window, and to the right. I was annoyed but knew I would have to go down the hall to let her in. I was in the bedroom with my husband (which I don't have one of), who was laying on the bed.
I am really, going through my painful past memories, (not by my own choosing to, but with the new technique I have learned it just happens) in an effort to observe them dispassionately and thus dissolve the intense emotions associated with them into wisdom. So that is school, and appropriate since that was a very painful time in my life.
That Lori was with me refers to my hurt at being called a lesbian and my need to refute that, thus to "be cool"
That Kevin was with me refers to one kind of love, a more friendship type, with mutual respect and still some lovely sensuality underneath.
Up stairs and to the right refers to visible light and under the stairs was infrared. I passed through infrared (associated with emotional pain) and went out into the night/day where my car (body) was (hertzian). I ran into the neuronet associated with Ted, and reduced it to the silly weak thing it was, by loving it.

Allijah *Isaacs' girl*
05 April 2006 @ 08:09 am
I dreamed I was staying at the Lucks, but Diane was more like Janis about her animals. Mr Luck brought her home a beautiful 9 month, red tabby. She somehow received, at the same time a Liger and a Tiger, of about the same age as the kitten. I saw her and her kids and the liger all dancing through the house for joy. I had agreed to spend the night there, for some reason, and now felt like I couldn't get out of it. I had the phone put close to me so I could call the animal control officer if the animals got out of hand. Then I remembered Diane's son was the ACO. The two big cats attacked the tabby while they were "at the water bowl". I wanted to take the tabby home with me but somehow it couldn't work out.

I found myself wanting a new kitten. I called the guy in Bangor that I bought Cassy from and put my name on a waiting list. He warned me that his prices had gone up allot, and I said I could afford whatever he was charging. I was riding down the hill past Charlotte's old house in the back of a pickup as we were talking.

There was also something about my old grey cat who got lost a couple years ago. I found out what had happened to him, but he was wild now and didn't remember me. Something I discussed on a gentle slope leading down to a lake shore through a grove of saplings, perhaps Birches.
Well, I do have a prejudice against one of my neighbor's desire to buy a Liger, considering her guinea hens are up to my house scaring my goats most every day. I guess I can't stop her from buying one. I'll just need to get a gun if she does, and shoot the thing the first time it gets out. Or call the police first time and shoot it myself second time. That's all within the law and self sufficient at the same time. It's not really that I am scared of the things. I would feel sorry to have to kill it. But she is not all there, and I have seen what sort of predatory instincts they have. Very irresponsible combination!

Beyond the obvious, the three cats, all the same age, all "tigers", all similar in genetics, but each different in both size and genetics, could be the big three of my list. As they all represent change, they, at least the biggest, would be fearful to my own instincts for survival. The most significant thing about the Liger was the bigness of his body, so I think it could symbolize body changes. The stripiness of the bunch indicates polarity, though they were red and white (infrared-visible light; this one I loved best, but it was smallest), golden with red-brown spots, and orange and black(infrared); all of which are polarity just not black and white, which is extreme polarity.
Allijah *Isaacs' girl*
04 April 2006 @ 06:29 pm
I journeyed down the many levels of some sort of mine. It was like ERB's Journey to the center of the earth. I recall many stairs and at times having to use auditorium seats for climbing. There was a point when I could see all the level but they were cartoons, only I could scroll left and right and view them panoramically, and they were live. I saw an evil wolf looking for me or my dog. There was a woman after me, and the wolf was her's. There was one girl who was my friend and came with me. We were almost able to escape back out into the light when the woman could be heard approaching from above, and her wolf below. We remembered how it had been when she first came. How the breeze of her opening the door made everything in the kitchen, perhaps everything near, sway, clang and creak. The entire dream had a very dark, infrared feel to it.
Partly this is like last night's dream. I need to face my fear of other women. In a way I think I have always feared them more than men.